We want the people of Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle to have a voice of what goes into one of these time capsules. What do you use on a day-to-day basis, what do you think represents our contemporary civilization, what message do you want to leave the future, what are our hopes, fears, passions, etc.? What is our story? Anyone is welcome to participate!

Please suggest an item that you rightfully own and are willing to part with as a donation to the time capsule. Submit a description of the item (including measurements), its significance to our contemporary times and/or to you, and a digital image of the item with a coin, ruler, etc. in the image for scale.

The Helium Time Column Capsule Committee will review the items and determine which items will go into the time capsule. Please note that items received become donations to the Helium Time Column Capsule Committee.

Here is a list of guidelines for items you wish to submit for consideration by the Helium Time Column Celebration Committee:
1) Nothing obscene, offensive, and/or profane
2) No combustible, flammable, or explosive aerosols, liquids, gels, or materials
3) No lighters, matches, or fire ignition devices
4) No batteries. Mobile devices will need to have the battery removed.
5) Nothing hazardous, poisonous, or radioactive.
6) The item must be able to fit within a capsule which is 11″ x 44″.
7) Items will be restricted to being a maximum of 9”x9”x9”, however, the smaller the better.
8) Items should convey a glimpse of the present (2018) to our future.

Remember – the items will be stored in a capsule, stored in an aluminum column that will not be temperature or climate regulated. Perishable items like food, organic material, and everyday use chemicals and compounds (soaps, makeup, lotion, etc.) will likely degrade over a period of 75 years.

Items that do not meet the criteria listed above will be immediately rejected and will not be considered to be placed in the time capsule. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to your participation.